While Others Are Installing Potential Problems, You’re Installing Solutions

As shown here, the majority of roofers use the same box design for the bath roof vent. The flanges are small, making a watertight fit difficult. The water stains show how the box design allowed water to pool, backup and leak over the flange, causing water damage within the house.

round versus square booth roof ventRobert’s Eliminates Water Leaks

Robert’s base flanges are OVERSIZED, ensuring permanent waterproofing without the need of caulking. Plus, Robert’s round housing design doesn’t allow water to pool or backup.

Product Demonstration Video

Clamp no longer included.

Video Covers: Key design features, what it’s made of, what makes it durable and installation on the roof.

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Sealants Are Not Permanent

Roofers or do-it-your-selfers may turn to caulking or sealants to waterproof. But sealants are not permanent – they eventually fail.

Design Failures

Image A: The roofer didn’t trust the small flange to stay watertight so they applied a sealant, which is failing.

Image B: The sealant has failed, leading to a water leak.

sealant failure

Sealant won’t protect from leaks, nor does inefficient design.

All of these were leaking and were replaced by Robert’s never-leak bath roof cap.

bath roof vent box designs

The Results of a Small Flange Design

How About Wind-Driven Water Leaks?

Robert’s also addresses this problem.

How About Vent Connections?

With Robert’s, it’s easy to inspect your vent connection, preventing nasty mold and condensation issues.

The benefits of a two-piece assembly is that you are able to unsnap the top vent cap to look inside, ensuring that your installers did their job of connecting the vent tubing. This prevents a mold and condensation problem from occurring. After inspecting, simply snap back on the top vent cap.

bath roof cap inspection

Included in each box is a coupler to connect the vent tube.

Clamp not included.

If the tubing is installed under the roof decking, simply center Robert’s base flange over the vent hole. If needed, place coupler inside to funnel air to the cap. Then, snap on top vent cap.

bath roof cap assembly

Backdraft Damper and Bird Screen

Robert’s Roof Cap has a backdraft damper and bird screen. We don’t recommend use as a dryer exhaust roof vent. Follow the installation instructions to install.

While Others are Installing Problems, You’re Installing Solutions

This leaking box design was replaced by Robert’s never-leak bath roof vent.

An unconnected bath roof vent caused this damage to the roof decking. Plus, there was mold inside the attic. So much opportunity to show building owners that you are better. Robert’s Roof Cap helps you to do just that.

Photos Sent In from Roofers and Do-It-Your-Selfers from Around the Country

Design Features:

  • Largest flange of any bath cap
  • Noise-reducing damper
  • Removable bird screen
  • For 3″–4″ vent ducting